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Meet Our Residents (2020-2021)



Robin Christian, MD

Medical School: University of Colorado School of Medicine 
Undergraduate: University of Colorado
Hometown: Aurora, CO
Family Medicine interests: LGBTQ care, reproductive justice, mental health, addiction medicine, adolescent medicine
Why did I choose to train with FHCW? I wanted an academic program with plenty of opportunities for teaching, as well as a community health setting where I could learn to serve patients with high medical and social needs. I am interested in social justice and using my skills to support communities in need. The Queen St. program is everything I want to do in my career!
Hobbies: Drawing, painting, yoga, meditation, surfing, paddleboarding, exploring new places with my husband
Fun Facts: Before becoming a physician, I was an EMT for 6 years. I also had a career in amusement parks and arcades before starting in medicine. If my life had gone a different direction, I would probably be managing an amusement park or designing carnival games.


Stephany Giraldo Eierle, DO

Medical School: 
NOVA Southeastern University College
of Osteopathic Medicine

Florida International University
Hometown: Born in LA but lived in South FL for the last 15 years
Family Medicine interests: All of it! If I had to name a few, It would be: immigrant, minority, and refugee health; maternal & child health; mental health; prevention, integrative and sports medicine!
Why did I choose to train with FHCW? I fell in love with UMass even before doing an audition rotation during the winter months (I have never lived in a place with real winter). Its patient population truly captiviated me. As a Latina, I was drawn to the fact that 50% of the patients only spoke SPA. In addition, the diversity of the clinic and its status as a FHQC made me feel like I would have all the tools I needed to help my patients as much as possible & learn about all culturals to become a more culturally competent physician. 
Hobbies: I love cooking with my husband while enjoying a glass of wine. I'm also what I like to call a frugile fashionista who loves to put low budget outfits together & do DIY projects around the house. I'm an avid outdoor person so I'm excited to be able to be outside more (FL's humidity is terrible!)
Fun Facts: I got married this year (2020), right before COVID-19 started to close everything down! I have a dog named Cookie who we treat like a human child. I'm the eldest of three and the first generation American, college grad, and doctor in my family.


Henry Louis, MD

Medical School: Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel/Palestine)
Undergraduate: Tufts University 
Hometown: Medford, MA
Family Medicine interests: health equity, addiction medicine, chronic disease care, refugee health, and community health worker programs.
Why did I choose to train with FHCW? I chose to train at UMASS, specifically at the Family Health Center of Worcester, because of its focus on community medicine, health equity, and social medicine. To be able to care and serve in a community that brings a diverse array of cultural and social backgrounds with a strong consideration for the social determinants of health and the branching effects they have on health and wellness was something I appreciated about my interview process and the goals UMASS has. The focus on teaching and teamwork that UMASS is known for was further motivation for my ultimate desire to become part of the team.
Hobbies: History books, community organizing, true comic book nerd, weightlifting, MMA, basketball, traveling in the Middle East and beyond, and pursuing my Armenian heritage.
Fun Facts: I have spent most of the last decade living, working, volunteering, and studying outside of the US, but always appreciate being back home.


Katherine Price, MD

Medical School
: Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont
Undergraduate: UMass-Amherst
Hometown: Concord, MA 
Family Medicine interests: Maternal child health, interconception care, adverse childhood events, health literacy, lifestyle medicine and prevention, group-based visits, population health, health disparities
Why did I choose to train with FHCW? I was drawn to UMass for both the program and the Worcester community. Professionally, I was drawn by the strong inpatient curriculum in the program as well as the opportunity to work in a variety of outpatient clinic settings. I was especially interested in FHCW Queen St for their group-based visits and interconception care. I spent some time prior to med school working on a project affiliated with UMass during which I loved getting to know a bit about the city of Worcester and its residents and I'm thrilled to be joining this program!
Hobbies: Container gardening, sewing crafts (beeswax wraps, masks, reusable bags, etc), casual indoor rock climbing, group fitness classes (pre-COVID), cooking, podcasts (Gastropod, Hidden Brain, Freakonomics, The Nocturnist, Uncivil...)
Fun Facts: Once, before med school, I flew with a life-sized, bubble-wrapped, plastic dummy for work. Also, I like trying to take apart and fix things with the help of Youtube. In the moving process, I've tried to fix a blender, tea kettle, vacuum.


  Laurel Banach, MD

Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School 
Undergraduate: UMass-Amherst
Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA
Family Medicine interests: Homeless & addiction medicine; correctional medicine
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: Tower Hill Botanical Garden
Hobbies: Volleyball, indoor and outdoor gardening
Fun Facts: I have over 40 unique plants in my home!
  Daniel Crothers, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine  
Undergraduate: McGill University and University of Southern Maine
Family Medicine interests:  Population health
Hobbies: Dancing, biking, surfing
Rebecca (Becca) Gwaltney

Medical School
: UMass Chan Medical School
Graduate School:  Tufts University, MS; Biomedical Sciences, MPH
Undergraduate: Providence College
Hometown: Milton, MA
Family Medicine interests:
Global and Public Health, Women's Health, Maternal and Child Care
Why did I choose to train at FHCW? 
I am passionate about working with underserved communities, so FHCW is a great fit. I am so lucky to get to care for the diverse and medically underserved patients at Queen St!
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area:
I love hiking and eating, so my favorite spots are all parks/mountains and restaurants! I love walking around the Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary, Green Hill Park, and hiking Wachusett Mountain. Some of my favorite places to eat at Fatima's Cafe, Mezcal and Basil n Spice.
Hobbies: I love everything that gets me outdoors - hiking, biking, camping, kayaking! I am looking forward to some fall hikes soon for some excellent New England leaf peeping!
Fun Facts: I recently got the amazing opportunity to drive across the country with a close friend (and fellow UMass FM resident!) for a National Parks Road Trip. We hiked and camped in 5 different national parks - it was an outstanding trip!


Judy Wang, MD 

Medical School: Ohio State University of College of Medicine 
Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis
Hometown: New Orleans, LA 
Family Medicine interests: Maternal Child Health, Addiction Medicine Group Visit Model, Women's Health; Procedures; Global Health
Why did I choose to train at FHCW? I chose to train at FHCW for the patients and the community. The patient population of Queen St. is incredibly diverse, and it is exciting to engage with and learn about the variety of cultures that our patients have. FHCW's clinic structure is also very attractive to me. Patients are able to get labs, medications, behavioral health visits, eye glasses, medical visits, and dental visits all in one place. I love how my clinic is able to serve the community so completely and holistically. I adore FHCW, and I am so lucky to be able to train here for my residency.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area:  Green Hill Park -- gorgeous park with beautiful lake and forested trails
Hobbies: Bubble tea connoisseur; Running at sunset; Trying new foods and restaurants all over the world
Fun Facts: I own lots of watermelon things like doormats and backpacks. My bubble tea order is large milk green tea with half sugar less ice and boba. Iced or hot!




Anna Bui, MD

Medical School
: Boston University School of Medicine  
Undergraduate: University of Toronto
Family Medicine interests: women's health, addiction medicine and palliative care 
Hobbies: Baking, playing flute and singing


Giana Dalben, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Graduate: MA in International Relations, Salve Regina University
 Hannibal-Lagrange University 
Hometown: I have lived all over the state of MA.
Family Medicine interests: Women's health, emergency/urgent care, global health, preventative medicine, caring for underprivileged populations and immigrant communities.
Why did I choose to train at FHCW? When I interviewed at FHCW, it felt like home. I definitely saw myself fitting in well with the team and being able to bring my multilingual skills and different cultural perspectives to work in order to connect with my patients and help them with their healthcare needs.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: I love going to Whole Foods and Panera Bread in Shrewsbury.
Hobbies: International traveling, reading, eating at different ethnic restaurants, and going to art museums.
Fun Facts:  I have been to almost all continents except for Antarctica and Australia.


Jordan Howard-Young, MD, Chief Resident

Medical School: Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University 
Graduate and Undergraduate: MA, International Development,  University of Denver
Hometown: I grew up in Las Vegas, but now consider Denver my home base when I'm not in MA.
Family Medicine interests: Working with marginalized and underserved communities, particularly immigrants, refugees, people experiencing homelessness, and LGBTQI people. I'm also passionate about integrating psychiatric and mental health care into primary care, particularly for communities who face challenges accessing such care.
Why did I choose to train at FHCW? FHCW felt like a perfect fit to me. I wanted to work in a community health setting that was multidisciplinary and holistic in its approach to caring for underserved populations. As an FQHC and PCMH that integrates so many different medical and social services under one roof, FHCW was really a model of the kind of care I wanted to provide. On top of that, I found a faculty and staff that shared my interests and were passionate about teaching and supporting residents looking to become compassionate and socially-conscious providers.
Favorite place(s) in the Worcester area: It's a tie between Worcester Art Museum and BirchTree Bread Co (a fantastic coffee shop near FHCW). I also love all of the parks and restaurants in the area.
Hobbies: Reading fiction and a wide variety of nonfiction (politics, sociology, history, science, psychology, economics, etc.). I'm also a big scifi/fantasy nerd, so I love watching movies and TV shows with a hopepunk bent, from Star Trek to Doctor Who to LOTR to Marvel. I also enjoy hiking and exploring with my wife, Emma, and spending time with our cats and bunny.
Fun Facts: I had a short career in politics and public policy before going to medical school, working as a community organizer for the 2008 Obama campaign and a policy analyst on the legislation that would become the ACA. I love cultures and travel to different parts of the world. I've been extremely privileged to travel extensively in the Middle East and Europe with a few visits to sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. I've also been to 47/50 states and am dying to see Alaska, Hawaii, and Florida.