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Posted on: 6/11/19
Posted by: Anonymous

Hello again! This month’s topic is using technology as a tool to succeed in the workplace. Technology has been instrumental in helping me to maintain a job while living with both medical and mental health conditions. Given that, I thought I would share some of my favorite technology tools and tips! Please note that the examples I provide are specific to my experience, so the ways in which you benefit may differ.

My Tech Essentials

The following items greatly reduce my physical symptoms and help me to manage my mental health conditions.


Creating an ergonomic workspace helps keep my physical symptoms at bay and aids in concentration.

Vertical Mouse | Image credit: Ilya Plekhanov


I use these whenever I am typing or using my hands for long periods of time. They have built-in wrist rests, as well as a removable splint.



I find this useful when I am experiencing limited mobility or increased pain.

Dragon software thumbnail


·  Apple Pencil: Grants me the ability to handwrite directly on my iPad.
·  Bluetooth keyboard: Allows me to use my iPad as a computer, which makes working on-the-go a reality.
·  Anti-glare screen (for use outside): The sun is an amazing mood booster and warm weather can lessen chronic pain.

ipad pro thumbnail | unsplash

headphone image | tomasz-gawlowski-1266404-unsplash


A perfect companion for when I am hands-free and using dictation. I also really like the “noise canceling” option, which is great for blocking out unwanted noise.


My Fave Five: Helpful Apps for Wellness @ Work

There are countless apps out there that can help us to BE well, STAY well, and DO well on the job. Here are a few of my favorites.

notability iconNotability (iOS)
This note-taking app has a seemingly endless number of features, many of which I use regularly. I absolutely love that I can record audio while taking handwritten or typed notes. Furthermore, it syncs my audio and notes, which gives me the ability to play them back simultaneously. Google Keep is an alternative for those who do not own an iOS device.
tao mix app iconTaoMix 2 (iOS, Android)
Allows me to create and customize a variety of calming soundscapes to listen to while I work.

RelaxApp (iOS)
This simple meditation app includes a relaxing, interactive visual coupled with calming music. I find it most effective when I am feeling overwhelmed. Tip: Disable Wi-Fi to remove ads in the free version.
dare app iconDare—Break Free From Anxiety (iOS, Android)
This app is based on Barry McDonagh’s book, “DARE.” I listen to the app’s free audios when my anxiety peaks. I have found them to be effective in eliminating my anxiety both in the moment and over time.
FitTime5 (iOS)
Created by a trainer and a physical therapist, this app includes five one-minute exercises per session. It is a great way to stay moving without even leaving my desk!

Tips for Staying Focused at Work

  1. Take breaks! Try a fitness app, take a walk, grab lunch, sit outside, read, or listen to music.
  2. If possible, put your mobile device away. If not, try the next suggestions.
  3. Put your device face down.
  4. Turn off the volume on your device when possible. Switch to vibrate if needed.
  5. Turn off notifications on all mobile apps unrelated to work.
  6. Switch on the “Do Not Disturb” feature.
  7. Do not text or go on social media unless it is work related. One minute can quickly turn into thirty minutes. Save it for after work.

Don’t Forget…

  1. The previous technologies and tips may or may not require a reasonable accommodation. Ask if you are unsure.
  2. YOU are your own best advocate!
  3. Everyone is different. What helps one person may not help another and vice versa.
  4. There are a multitude of technologies out there, so do not be afraid to explore other options. It will require some trial and error to find what works for you.
  5. To occasionally unplug from technology. I challenge you to unplug once a week for a few hours. Prepare to reap the benefits!
  6. KEEP AT IT!