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group male and female teens playing a video game on a couch

S.T.A.Y. Tuned Podcast Episode 17: Leveling Up Together: Gaming, Community, and Mental Health 

There is a stereotype that gaming is a waste of time, but this episode with Derek Lewis, a member of our Young Adult Advisory Board challenges that notion head-on. Derek shares his personal journey, revealing how gaming became a lifeline for him while growing up in a gang-prone LA neighborhood. We talk about how gaming helped Derek build meaningful relationships, including one with a gamer friend who stood by him as his best man at Derek's wedding! Tune in to learn how virtual worlds can become real sources of support and community, proving that sometimes, the best friendships can be found behind a controller. Read the TranscriptWatch it on our YouTube Channel.

S.T.A.Y. Tuned Podcast Episode 13: Salsa Dancing, a Youth Advisory Board and Peer Support for Mental Health
Today we talk with Josh Calarino, a member of our Youth Advisory Board, about ways getting involved in his community has helped his mental health. Josh shares his journey from someone who struggled with their mental health in high school to the discovery of the different things he found that helped him feel better and more connected to his community. His story of recovery started when he said “yes” to an invite to a salsa dance class. We talk about Youth Move, peer support, and Josh’s experience as a member of our Youth Advisory Board where he joins other young adult members to provide valued feedback from the youth perspective to our research team at Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research. Josh highlights the impact that a strong sense of community can have on young adults’ mental health. Watch it on our YouTube ChannelRead the transcript.