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Adulting Shorts: The "TEA" on IEPs Comic Series

Comic black teacher standing in in classroom in front of a dry erase board with brown student sitting at a desk facing her the words Planning for your IEP meeting are on the board

This four-part info-comic is for high school students to help them understand what an Individualized Educational Plan or IEP is, what transition planning is, and the importance of the student being involved in them. 

The "TEA" on IEPs Part 1


Part 1, Mateo learns about what the IEP meeting is.

View Part 1 Here

The "TEA" on IEPs Part 2


Part 2, Mateo completes his IEP worksheet.

View Part 2 Here

The "TEA" on IEPs Part 3


 Part 3, Mateo practices his presentation for his IEP meeting.

View Part 3 Here

The "TEA" on IEPs Part 4


Part 4, Mateo leads his IEP meeting. 

View Part 4 Here