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FSST at Work

Like many young adults, are you having a hard time doing or keeping up with your job due to difficulties…

  • staying organized
  • remembering things
  • managing your time
  • paying attention
  • following directions
  • or getting to work on time?

The main purpose of FSST (Focused Skills and Strategy) At Work is to develop and test a course for employed young adults, ages 18 to 30 years old, with mental health conditions. This course aims to help young adults keep their jobs and improve work outcomes by teaching and developing skills around attention, working memory, planning/time management, and problem solving.

This study is part of the 2019-2024 Learning & Working RRTC.

You may develop skills and strategies: Receive one-on-one support through the online Focused Skill & Strategy Training (FSST) for Work course that is being tested in this research study. We cannot promise any benefits if you take part in this research, but participants may benefit from this model of employment coaching, resulting in improved executive functioning skills and job retention.

Meet the Team:

Black woman smiling wearing a white blouse standing on the beach
Maya Ingram

Research Project Director

White woman with brown hair smiling wearing a red blouse
Tracy Neville

Research Coordinator

White woman with brown curly hair smiling wearing a white sweater
Vanessa Mitchell-Wagner

FSST at Work Course Provider

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