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The CIRC Center Team

The CIRC Center is a collaborative program between Transitions ACR at UMass Chan Medical School and the Temple University Collaborative at Temple University.


headshot white woman with long curly blonde hair smilingKathryn Sabella, PhD, Co-Director

white woman with long straight light brown hairLiz Thomas, PhD, Co-Director

Affiliation: Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Temple University College of Public Health

Dr. Thomas is a psychologist and mental health services researcher with a background in psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery-oriented treatment of individuals with serious mental illnesses. She is co-director of CIRC and an investigator within the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion. Her work particularly centers on understanding and addressing the community participation needs and desires of young adults with serious mental illnesses, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds.  View her Temple University faculty profile

blue box with white starsKristen Roy-Bujnowski, MA, Operations Director


Kyra Baker-Short, MSRT

white main with red shirt and grey tieEugene Brusilovskiy, MUSA

Affiliation: Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion. I'll be a co-investigator on a CIRC Center project.

Since 2010, Eugene has been the Director of the Laboratory on Geography, Mobility and Disability at Temple University. His research interests include the use of innovative technologies and analytical tools to examine the predictors of various health-related outcomes. He has served as co-PI on numerous Federally-funded longitudinal and cross-sectional studies that use a variety of GIS, statistical, and data mining tools to get a better understanding of the environmental and individual-level factors that may be associated with community mobility, participation, and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. See the complete list of Eugene's publications. 

Kathryn Burke, PhD


Barbara Ferman, PhD


white man blonde hair and glassesPaul Hyry-Dermith, PhD

Affiliation: National Director of bryt, Brookline Center for Community Mental Health

Paul Hyry-Dermith is the National Director of bryt at the Brookline Center for Community Mental Health.  Prior to this role, he worked as a principal and then assistant superintendent in the Holyoke (MA) Public Schools.  He began his career working in adult and family literacy and public health before becoming a K-12 administrator.  He holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Philosophy and a Doctorate in Education.

white woman with brown hairMegan Kelly, PhD


white male with dark hair wearing glassesSpencer Lawson, PhD

Affiliation:  Assistant Professor, Law & Psychiatry Program,  iSPARC, Department of Psychiatry, UMass Chan Medical School  

  Spencer G. Lawson, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor within the Law & Psychiatry Program in the Implementation Science and Practice Advances Research Center (iSPARC) at UMass Chan Medical School. He is also an Affiliate Member of the Early Justice Strategies (EJS) Lab at George Mason University. Dr. Lawson’s career mission is to manage and prevent behavioral health conditions among people across multiple points in the criminal justice system through implementation and deployment-focused research of data-driven risk screening and assessment and risk-need-responsivity approaches. Issues of fairness and bias, especially among individuals with minoritized racial and ethnic identities, also permeate throughout his scholarship. Dr. Lawson’s funding comes from federal sources (e.g., National Institute of Justice, National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research), along with state funding from Indiana, Massachusetts, and Colorado, and philanthropic funding (e.g., John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation). Currently, Dr. Lawson is a W.E.B. Du Bois Fellow and Principal Investigator on an early career award from the National Institute of Justice to work with the Massachusetts Department of Correction on assessing racial and ethnic disparities within their objective prison classification system.  

Alicia Lucksted, PhD


Akihoko Masuda, PhD


light brown skinned man smilingEthan Moitra, PhD

Affiliation: Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Dr. Moitra is a clinical psychologist. His research focuses on the application of acceptance- and mindfulness-based interventions to support treatment engagement, particularly among people with HIV and those at risk for HIV infection, as well as enhancing social support as a pathway to improved mental health. Dr. Moitra also leads research projects that leverage mHealth applications to support patients during transitions in their mental health care. Read his full bio

white woman with glassesMichelle Munson, PhD

Affiliation:  Professor of Social Work, New York University

View her NYU Faculty Profile

Ieshia Nelson, MA


white woman long blonde hairCaterina Roman, PhD

Affiliation: Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Temple University with a secondary appointment in the Center for Urban Bioethics, Lewis Katz School of Medicine

View her Temple University Faculty Profile

View her website

Gretchen Snethen, PhD, CTRS


Natalie Stollon, LCSW, MPH


white woman brown hair wearing blue blouse

Gina Vincent, PhD

Is a Professor of Psychiatry, Co-Director of the Law & Psychiatry Program, and faculty in the Implementation Science & Practice Advances Research Center (iSPARC) at UMass Chan Medical School. She received her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with a Forensic Psychology and Law Specialization from Simon Fraser University. Dr. Vincent has received funding from the National Institute of Justice, NIMH, NIDA, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and OJJDP for studies relevant to risk for reoffending or violence, implementation outcomes of risk assessment and risk-need-responsivity in legal settings, and behavioral health and substance misuse concerns among youth. She is the author of the Risk Assessment in Juvenile Probation: A Guidebook for Implementation manual and has conducted multiple studies to examine racial equity of different risk screening and assessment instruments.

Dr. Vincent has assisted over 50 county or state juvenile justice agencies with the creation and validation of risk screening tools and/or selection and implementation of risk-needs assessments for case planning. She has received multiple federal grants to study the effectiveness of this implementation on case management. She has over 80 publications in the areas of risk assessment, implementation of risk-needs assessment in juvenile justice, adolescent substance misuse, callous-unemotional traits, and mental health symptoms in justice settings.

Recai Yucel, PhD



white woman  with blonde hair Maryann Davis, PhD, Senior Advisor

  is a Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry (Psychology), former Director of the Implementation Science and Practice Advances Research Center, and former Director of the Transitions to Adulthood Center for Research, in the Department of Psychiatry at UMass Chan Medical School. She is a research psychologist with a distinguished career studying transition-age youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions and co-occurring substance use disorders. Her wide-ranging research on this population addresses three areas: (1) developing and testing individualized and developmentally tailored interventions, including for those involved with justice systems, (2) completing schooling and launching adult work lives, and (3) identifying and addressing systems barriers to good treatment, supports, and services for them. Her research emphasizes the involvement of youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions as partners in the design, conduct, and dissemination of this research. Dr. Davis has published extensively and received substantial U.S. Federal grant funding on these topics and has served on numerous federal, national and state committees related to this work.  

Ethan Rodriguez

white man short brown hairMark Salzer, PhD, Senior Advisor

Professor, College of Public Health at Temple University and Director of the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion

Project Staff

white woman with short brown hair and glasses

Marsha Ellison, PhD

Director of KT

white woman with blue and purple long hair wearing glasses

Samantha Hersh

Clinical Research Coordinator

white male with dark facial hair

Jonathan Lerew

Project Coordinator

white woman with black long wavy hair and glasses

Deirdre Logan, BA

Project Manager III

white woman with shoulder length dark hair

Tracy Neville, BA

Research Coordinator II

white woman with reddish blonde hair and glasses

Debbie Nicolellis, MS, CRC, CPRP

Training Director

white woman with long blonde hair

Emily Sudbrock, MA

Project Assistant

white woman with greyish blonde hair

Robin Tasca

Communications Specialist

white woman with very short dark spiky hair and glasses

Jean Wnuk, MBA

Digital Media Manager