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Kate Lapane, PhD, MS

Dr. Lapane’s primary research interests fall under the umbrella of quality of care medication issues among older adults living in nursing homes. She has performed drug utilization studies, often evaluating the contextual, organizational, policy impacts on patterns of prescription drug use among nursing home residents. Dr. Lapane has also conducted a series of non-experimental comparative effectiveness research studies of medications in populations systematically excluded from clinical trials. She has used large administrative claims databases to estimate the risks associated with appropriate medication use and the beneficial effects of medications. Dr. Lapane has conducted large scale intervention trials to improve medication related issues in marginalized populations. Dr. Lapane’s methodological work has focused on the robustness of techniques and the appropriate application of techniques often used in non-experimental comparative effectiveness research.

Dr. Lapane leads the PHARE Study Group and is Associate Dean and Director of the Doctoral Program in Clinical and Population Health Research.  She is a Professor in the Department of Quantitative Health Sciences in the Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the UMass Chan Medical School.

Kate Lapane, PhD