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Andriana Foiles Sifuentes, PhD

Andriana Foiles.jpgDr. Foiles Sifuentes is a cultural anthropologist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Center for Clinical and Translational Science and housed in the Division of Epidemiology, Department of Population and Quantitative Health Science. She utilizes mix-methods to analyze the nexus of social and health inequity through the foci of aging, health disparities, and access to care. She has conducted numerous independent projects with divergent communities across the continental US, including a multi-sited ethnography comparing populations in the Texas-Mexico borderlands and coastal Florida. Currently, Dr. Foiles Sifuentes is leveraging big data to examine the impact of limited English proficiency on access to care for community-dwelling, aging populations.

Dr. Foiles Sifuentes holds the rank of Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Sonoma State University where she teaches classes on Applied Ethnographic Methods and Medical Anthropology.