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Education and Training: Graduate Programs

The PHARE Study Group is committed to training the next generation of methodologically rigorous scientists. Trainees at the pre- and post-doctoral level are integral to the research conducted in our group.

UMass Chan Medical School offers two graduate degree programs.
Master of Science in Clinical Investigation
PhD in Clinical and Population Health Research

The PHARE Study Group faculty are actively engaged in the graduate program teaching enterprise at UMass Chan Medical School. Dr. Lapane teaches Advanced Epidemiologic Methods (CTS602B), Comprehensive Project (CTS604), and Advanced Analysis of Health Outcomes (CTS716). Dr. Jesdale teaches Epidemiologic Methods (CTS602A), Place and Health (CTS734), and Social Epidemiology (CTS729). Dr. Dubé teaches Ethics for Clinical Research (CTS702) and Qualitative Methods for Health Research (CTS732). Dr. Ulbricht teaches Systematic Reviews (CTS701). Dr. Tjia teaches Pharmaocepidemiology (CTS733). Dr. Chrysanthopoulou teaches Statistical Methods for Survival and Longitudinal Data Analysis (CTS603B), Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CTS605A) and Simulation studies for Epidemiologic Research (CTS712).   See Course Descriptions here