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Shao-Hsien Liu, PhD, MPH

Dr. Liu is a musculoskeletal epidemiologist with years of clinical practice as a physical therapist. Dr. Liu's research focus includes the application of advanced epidemiological and statistical methods to generate knowledge to ultimately improve quality of care for patients with inflammatory arthritis. Dr. Liu has extensive experience using nationally representative samples with complex, multistage designs and observational data with measurements of patient-reported outcomes and physical activity. One of his current projects is to evaluate the care received post discharge from joint replacement surgery, the impact on the caregivers, and the extent to which this differs by race/ethnicity using data from the National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS). He is also conducting a study to address the root causes that drive sex- and gender-differences in reporting health quality of life among patients axiel spondyloarthritis.


Shao-Hsien Liu, MPH, PhD