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Catherine Dube, EdD

Dr. Catherine Dubé is a Research Associate Professor in Quantitative Health Sciences at UMMS, and Adjunct Associate Professor at Brown University School of Public Health. Over her career she has engaged in a range of academic research activities including administrative and publication support of large quantitative and qualitative studies employing large datasets, conduct of community-based research, educational development and evaluation projects, project management, grant administration and related regulatory compliance issues. Dr. Dubé has also led and contributed to several large research projects addressing health professional practice behavior change and clinical guideline implementation.  Currently, she works closely with Dr. Kate Lapane on multiple complex research projects employing qualitative and quantitative methods.

Dr. Dubé leads graduate level Research Ethics and Qualitative Methods courses and selected topics in Professionalism at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Community and Population Health Research. She is the 2017 recipient of the UMass Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences Dean’s Education Recognition Award for Contributions in the Lecture and Classroom Settings.

Catherine Dubé. EdD