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Slide scanner data transfer and viewing

Slide scanning data files can be very large. Files often range from 5-20 GB depending on the scan type and the tissue area.  If under 50 GB, your data can be shared with you via Dropbox.  However, the download time may be quite long depending on your network speed.  We recommend that you have a dedicated external harddrive for slide scanning data that is dropped off in the SCOPE with your samples if you plan to regularly use the slide scanning service. 

Please note: the SCOPE does not archive your data.  It is your responsibility to backup and maintain your data.  We recommend keeping at least 2 copies in separate locations. 

The TissueFAXS slide scanning microscope products .aqproj files that contain all of your data in a format that is optomized for viewing in the TissueFAXS viewer software.  When you receive your data files from the SCOPE, you will also receive a link to the latest version of the viewer for you to install. 

Here's a manual that describes how to open your data in the TissueFAXS viewer. 

Please note: the TissueFAXS Viewer software is only compatible with Windows computers.  We can provide access to Windows systems for file viewing and image analysis as needed. 

Image analysis software and assistance are available through the SCOPE.