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Billing and Reservations

All microscopes can be reserved through  Monthly bills will be issued based on bookedscheduler reservation records.  Microscope use will be confirmed by tracking computer log-on/log-off information and ID badge swipes into the instrument rooms.  It is the USER’S RESPONSIBILITY to cancel reservations through bookedscheduler or by notifying the director within 24 hours of the reservation to avoid charges.  

Please click the link below to view the current rates. 

SCOPE user fees FY24

Spatial Biology:

The SCOPE is pleased to offer MERFISH spatial transcriptomics as a service on our Vizgen Alpha, Vizgen MERSCOPE, and NanoString GeoMx instruments.  Pricing is handled on a per project basis, please contact us for details.

**MERFISH and GeoMx require specialized reagents for sample preparation.  Labs are responsible for the separate cost of the probe sets, for additional reagents for sample preparation and for the cost of cell boundary or antibody staining kits as desired.  SCOPE services do not include tissue sectioning. Please contact the SCOPE directly before planning any spatial biology experiments for assistance with planning and sample preparation protocols.**

Pilot Programs:  Pilot programs are preliminary studies conducted to evaluate feasibility, time, cost and test fluorophore settings of prepared samples.  Investigators may request a pilot study to improve upon experiment design prior to the beginning of a research project or to gather preliminary data for a grant.  Please contact the SCOPE directly to book time for such studies.  Imaging will occur for 2 hours free of charge, after that time, normal charges will apply.  Limited to two pilot projects per lab annually.