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Image analysis

Multiple options are available for analyzing your slide scans.  In the SCOPE, we use Strataquest for analyzing files from the TissueFAXS microscope.  

Users are able to access Strataquest remotely to do image processing on SCOPE workstations.  Image analysis assistance and project support are also available through the SCOPE, just email us and we'll be happy to help. 

Strataquest image analysis image 2.jpg

StrataQuest Features
• Large number of available detection algorithms (i.e. for dot-like objects, nuclei, cytoplasm, membrane, whole cells, fat cells, small clusters like tumor budding, blood vessels, epithelial structures, or even more complex structures like glomeruli)
• High definition of contour detail even of large structures
• Multi-layer visualization tools for overlaying and highlighting any combination of original images, artificially enhanced channels, processing masks, automatically detected contours and manual correction input with customizable contours
• Manual correction of detection results is done on defined layers and can be reapplied on all subsequent analysis runs.
• New measurements like intercellular distance or distances between cells and tissue structures provide new measurement possibilities on both cellular and higher tissue structure level.
• Tools for detection of small objects as little as 1-2 pixels
• StrataQuest integration into the acquisition workflow enables directed acquisition of detected features. StrataQuest feature detection automates the acquisition of structure or areas of specific expression based upon pre-determined morphological or cytometric criteria for more efficient use of time and storage.