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Slide scanning sample submission form

As of January 2, 2023, the TissueFAXS SL 120 slide scanning system is offline for repairs. It is anticipated that these repairs will take several weeks. Please check back for updates before submitting samples for scanning. During this time, we have no color scanning capability and limited fluorescence scanning capabilities.

Please email or schedule a meeting with us to discuss these options if this shutdown impacts your project. Thanks for your patience as we get this system repaired! 

Sample type
My samples are
Area to be imaged
Select scan type
Select magnification below. Widefield 20x magnification is recommended for the majority of samples. If magnification at 40x or beyond is desired, please include a description of the sample and the need for higher magnification images in the notes section of this form.
Widefield color camera (SL only) , fluorescence (SL and iQ) or Confocal (iQ only)? Please note that the iQ confocal scanner does NOT have a camera for slide labels. Slides will be labeled numerically by the SCOPE in the order submitted unless users submit a spreadsheet with label information to the SCOPE.
Please store my samples at:
I would like my data transferred
FOR EXTERNAL USERS ONLY: By clicking this button, I confirm that I have an approved Biosafety Form on file with the SCOPE for this sample type. The Biosafety Form can be downloaded from the Forms and Resources page on the SCOPE website (
The SCOPE images samples as received. We will work with users to obtain the best images possible given the submitted sample quality. Dirt, fibers, air bubbles, non-flat tissue, and other sample quality issues will result in poor images. By using the SCOPE imaging service, users agree to pay all imaging fees, regardless of resulting image quality.
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