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Slide scanning service!

We are now accepting samples for drop-off imaging using our TissueGnostics tissue cytometers. 

These widefield and confocal slide scanning microscopes are ideal for taking whole-tissue and whole-coverslip images at high resolution for both colorimetric (H&E, DAB, IHC) and immunofluorescent samples. 

To submit your samples, please submit this form and drop your slides on the table outside of S5-216.

Curious about the image quality?  Contact us using the sample submission form to arange for 1 free example slide scan or to view example data. 

Slides will be scanned on a first come, first served basis. Data will be returned ASAP.

Click here to find out how to transfer and view your data. 

Need to do some image analysis on your scans?  The SCOPE offers full image analysis support and access to software, more information is available here.

Per sample rates for slide scanning service

Drop-off sample imaging

UMass Chan Internal 

Academic External

Commercial External

Color slide (10x/20x, H&E/DAB)




Immunofluorescence slide                 (10x/20x scans)




Immunofluorescence per well, 96 well plate (20x scan)

$3.53 $4.80 $6.53

Immunofluorescence per well, 24 well plate (20x scan)

$19.57 $26.46 $35.77

Additional fee:                                          z-stack >2 microns




Additional fee:                                Scans >150 mm2




Additional fee: 40x, 63x scans




Image Analysis Workstation/hr




Technician time/hr

Director time/hr 







TissueFAXS FL SLQ slide scanning microscope

Click to learn more about the TissueFAXS SL Q. 

TissueFAXS iQ confocal microscope

Click to learn more about the TissueFAXS iQ