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Vizgen MERFISH sample submission

MERFISH Sample Submission Form

Select which instrument your project will be using. *
Do you want to cell boundary stain your tissue? (Please note: cell boundary staining kits are not compatible with smFISH verification runs, only full MERFISH runs.) *
Select how your samples will be submitted. *
Number of Samples (for more than three, please submit another form) *
Are these samples meant to be used for smFISH verification runs or full MERFISH runs? *
Were the RIN (RNA Integrity Number) values of these samples checked? *
Antibody Storage Temperature (if Antibody Staining)
FOR EXTERNAL USERS ONLY: By clicking this button, I confirm that I have an approved Imaging Request Form (formerly called the Biosafety Form) on file with the SCOPE for this sample type. The Imaging Request Form can be downloaded from the Forms and Resources page on the SCOPE website (
The SCOPE images samples as received. We will work with users to obtain the best images possible given the submitted sample quality. Dirt, fibers, air bubbles, non-flat tissue, and other sample quality issues will result in poor images. By using the SCOPE imaging service, users agree to pay all imaging fees, regardless of resulting image quality. *