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TissueFAXS SL Q tissue cytometer

Capacity: 120 slides 

Imaging modes: color camera (H&E, IHC, DAB) and 5 channel fluorescence 

Objectives: 2.5x (NA 0.085), 10x (NA 0.45), 20x (NA 0.5), 20x (NA 0.75), 40x oil (NA 1.3)

Cameras: PixeLINK (color), Hamamatsu Orca Fusion BT 

Light source: Lumencor Spectra III

Spinning Disc: Crest V2

The TissueFAXS SL features Kromnigon Spectra Split filters optimized for multi-plexed IF staining. Compatible dye sets are listed in the table below. Please contact the SCOPE if you have questions about dye selection. 

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TissueFAXS SL microscope