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Register below for software workshops and events!

Registration is NOT required to attend seminars and lectures. 

Workshops will be held for Leica's AIVA image analysis software and TissueGnostics' StrataQuest software. These workshops will be small group sessions where users will explore analysis on introductory data sets and have the opportunity to consult with the trainers regarding their own image analysis projects. As these workshops will be held in small groups, opportunities for indept individual software pipeline development will be limited.

For individual support, please reserve a meeting with the software support teams using this calendar. 

AIVIA and StrataQuest are used for different types of image analysis. While there is some overlap, the SCOPE team generally uses AIVIA for 2-d and 3-d analysis of confocal data sets and StrataQuest for analysis of large 2-d whole-tissue section data sets.  Users are encouraged to register for multiple workshops to gain exposure to these different software packages. 

Workshop and event registration

Register for Leica AIVIA image analysis software workshop
Register for TissueGnostics StrataQuest software workshop
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