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Imaging Week Morning Lectures

New for Imaging Week 2023!

The Imaging Week 10 am lecture series provides an introduction to basic light microscopy, experiment design, and image analysis for users seeking to learn more about how to effectively integrate imaging technologies into their research. Each lecture will reference a varity of instruments available in the SCOPE and on campus. 

Each day, the technical lunchtime seminar will build upon the topic introduced in the morning lecture. 

Wednesday October 11, 2023

  • Introduction to Light Microscopy and Experiment Design

Thursday October 12

  • Introduction to Confocal and 2 photon imaging

Friday October 13, 2023

  • Introduction to Sample Preparation for Quantitative Imaging 
  • Introduction to Image Analysis

Monday October 16, 2023

  • Introduction to Advanced Imaging Techniques: Super resolution and multi-photon 

Tuesday October 17, 2023

  • Introduction to Spatial Biology