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The Program in Molecular Medicine supports a number of activities that encourage scientific exchange, both within and outside the program. Members within each of the three Program research disciplines meet regularly for informal scientific sessions to present data and exchange information. Some of the Program laboratories have tailored their own discussion groups to include participants from other local academic institutions who share common research interests. Many Program fellows and graduate students actively engage in weekly "chalk talk" sessions coordinated through the biochemistry and molecular biology department. In addition, Program faculty present monthly seminars to a Center-wide audience through a Molecular Medicine in-house seminar series. Each year an off-site retreat takes place, providing an excellent forum for scientific interaction among all Program laboratories in a relaxed and informal setting. The retreats are often held at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory on Cape Cod.

Nationally and internationally prominent scientists are guest speakers in a weekly Program seminar series. Seminar series are also sponsored by the basic science departments within the Worcester Campus and are available to everyone at the campus. An interdepartmental seminar series on the scientific basis of medicine, offered six to eight times yearly, serves to bridge the basic and clinical research interests at the Worcester Campus.

The Distinguished Scientist Series is usually held at 4pm on Thursdays.

The in-house seminars are usually held at noon on Mondays.

Please use the selection list below to view our current seminar calendar and the lists of presenters from past years.