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Research Policy and Compliance

The PMM administrative staff is dedicated to supporting the faculty to achieve the research goals of the department by facilitating institutional compliance.

Institutional policy development and compliance is the responsibility of specialized offices/units that oversee specific areas including (but not limited to):

  • Financial Conflicts of Interest
  • Human and/or animal subjects in research
  • rDNA and Biological pathogens and hazards in research
  • Export controls
  • Laboratory and radiation safety
  • Radiation safety

The PMM administrative team fosters a community of compliance by acting as an active liaison between our faculty and staff and the responsible units for compliance.  We serve as a resource on laws, policies, and guidelines that pertain to a particular research project and advocate for our science in policy discussions with the University as well as representatives of our sponsors and state and local governments.

What We Can Do For You

Ask Randi about anything to do with:

  • Animal care and use protocols and IACUC processes
  • Human subject protocols and IRB processes
  • Financial conflicts of interest
  • Policies and/or regulations and implications for specific research scenarios
  • Changes to policies and/or regulations and the impact on research

Randi Wasik, MBA
Senior Administrator, Program in Molecular Medicine

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