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Principal Investigator

Chris MuellerChris Mueller
Associate Professor and Principal Investigator

"To me art and science go hand in hand, as a young artist I enjoyed exploring the boundaries of my imagination, using the tools and techniques I had learned to explore new ways of expressing my thoughts and interpreting the world around me. Although art was my earliest motivator my aspirations to be an artist got re-focused when as a young adult I faced a life-threatening disease. I was grateful to have been cured thanks to recent advances in medical research at the time. I realized that the opportunity that science had bestowed on me through its advances in medicine was to be my new muse. Nowadays that creativity and curiosity is played out on the lab with the hope that one day the lab and its members can be part of collective that helps heal another person so they too can realize their dreams." 


2012 MSc in Clinical Investigation, University of Massachusetts/Medical School, Worcester, MA
2006 PhD in Genetics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL; “A novel CFTR dependent allergic mouse model”; Advisor: Prof Terence R. Flotte
2000 BSc in Molecular Biology, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL

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