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Welcome to the Keeler Lab for Gene Therapy

Our Lab

Understanding and Engineering Immune responses for Better Therapies

Our lab is currently investigating the immune responses to AAV gene therapy as well as novel immunotherapies by cell editing and engineering. We are specifically interested in the immune responses to AAV gene therapy in clinical trials, and our Immunology Core is dedicated performing high quality immunoassays.  Using the knowledge gained from studying immune responses in our AAV clinical trials, we have developed Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-cells and CAR T-regulatory (Tregs) to mimic clinical observations.  Moreover, these CAR Tregs directed against AAV capsid can be used to suppress immune responses to AAV but also potent immunotherapies with numerous applications.  We are also working on more effective ways of generating engineered HSCs and immune cells for several clinical applications including the development of CAR and CAR Tregs.  Finally, we are continuing to investigate AAV gene therapy for the correction of very long chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase (VLCAD) deficiency for the translation into human clinical trials. 

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Partnership Opportunities

Our lab is always interested in possible partnerships with both individuals and organizations. Some possible partnerships include knowledge exchange, consulting, collaborations with academia and/or industry, sponsored research, spinout activities and reagent exchange. Read more


We believe that great scientific discoveries happen when people work together.

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