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What We Do

The Meyers Primary Care Institute is committed to research across the lifespan, from childhood to advanced age. We conduct population-based research to inform policy and practice, promoting evidence-based care for the benefit of our community, and beyond.

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Our Focus

Our research is focused on the following areas:

  • Patient safety and quality improvement
  • Communication in healthcare
  • Organization and delivery of healthcare
  • Healthcare policy
  • Epidemiology of chronic diseases
  • Pharmacoepidemiology and medication safety
  • Comparative effectiveness research

Recent Publications

Fisher KA, Bloomstone SJ, Walder J, Crawford S, Fouayzi H, Mazor KM. Attitudes toward a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine: a survey of US adults. Annals of internal medicine. 2020 Sep 4.

Gurwitz JH, Pearson SD.  Novel therapies for an aging population: grappling with price, value, and affordability. JAMA, 2019:321(16), 1567-1568.

Kapoor A, Field T, Handler S, Fisher K, Saphirak C, Crawford S, Fouayzi H, Johnson F, Spenard A, Zhang N, Gurwitz JH. Adverse events in long-term care residents transitioning from hospital back to nursing home. JAMA Internal Medicine, 2019 Jul 22 [epub ahead of print].

Singh S, Fouayzi H, Anzuoni K, Goldman L, Min JY, Griffin M, Grijalva CG, Morrow JA, Whitmore CC, Leonard CE, Selvan M. Diagnostic algorithms for cardiovascular death in administrative claims databases: a systematic review. Drug Safety, 2019: 42(4), 515-527.

Tisminetzky M, Gurwitz JH, Miozzo R, Gore JM, Lessard D, Yarzebski J, Goldberg RJ. Impact of cardiac-and noncardiac-related conditions on adverse outcomes in patients hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction. Journal of Comorbidity, 2019:9, p.2235042X19852499.

You can view additional publications by our faculty here.