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Our Faculty

Kathleen Mazor, EdD

Division Chief, Health Systems Science

Research focus:

- Provider-patient communication
- Health literacy
- Patients' perspectives and experiences with healthcare
- Measure development and survey design

Susan E. Andrade, ScD 

Research focus:
- Pharmacoepidemiology 
- Medication and vaccine safety during pregnancy 
- Use of electronic health data for epidemiologic research

Mara Meyer Epstein, ScD 

Research focus:
- Cancer epidemiology, screening, and survival 
- Use of databases derived from electronic health records and health claims for population-based cancer research
- Hematological cancers and precursor conditions

Kimberly A. Fisher, MD, MSc

Research focus: 
- Communication in healthcare
- Clinical practice guideline implementation
- Patient safety and quality improvement

Mayuko Ito Fukunaga, MD, MSc 

Research focus:  
- H
ealth informatics
- Lung cancer and lung cancer screening
- Shared decision making 
- Technology-assisted implementation

Jerry H. Gurwitz, MD

Research focus:
- Improving the health and healthcare of older adult populations 
- Advancing the science of multiple chronic conditions 
- Improving medication safety in older adults 
- Deprescribing potentially inappropriate medications in older adults 

Kouta Ito, MD, MS

Research focus: 
- Decision analysis
- Cost-effectiveness analysis

Alok Kapoor, MD, MSc 

Research focus:  
- Anticoagulation use and underuse, especially in patients from underserved populations
- Medication safety
- Transitions of care

- Clinical decision support tools to improve care for patients with cardiovascular disease 

Sonal Singh, MD, MPH

Research focus: 
- Drug safety
- Evidence synthesis
- Shared decision making

Mayra S. Tisminetzky, MD, PhD, MPH 

Research focus:  
- Epidemiology of aging
- Multiple chronic conditions/multimorbidity: Epidemiology and measurement
- Best approaches to measuring frailty using electronic medical records
- Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease

Clinical Informatics Section

Stephen Erban, MD
Section Chief, Clinical Informatics

Research focus:

Using the electronic health record to improve quality of care
- Improving reconciliation of medications and allergies
- Patient and provider engagement using patient portals
- Telehealth and remote patient monitoring

Adarsha S. Bajracharya, MD, MMSc

Research focus: 
- Use of telehealth-based solutions to improve access to care and patient outcomes
- Care at home leveraging telehealth and remote patient monitoring
- Use of natural language processing and machine learning to facilitate patient understanding of clinical documentation

Honghuang Lin, PhD

Research focus:  
- Bioinformatics 
- Genetics
- Digital medicine
- Machine learning to improve diagnosis:
- Integration of multi-omics data and gene regulation network to understand disease molecular mechanisms 
- Development of machine learning models from digital and wearable technologies for early disease diagnosis and health monitoring 

Apurv Soni, MD, PhD

Research focus: 
- Risk prediction and stratification models
- Digital site-less trials and implementation science
- Pragmatic trials and health equity

Biqi (Becky) Wang, PhD 

Research focus:
- Statistical genetics 
- Genetic epidemiology
- Multilevel data integration
- Machine learning and disease diagnosis

Affiliated Faculty

Lawrence (Larry) Garber, MD 

Research focus:
- Use of electronic health records to improve the quality, safety, and cost effectiveness of healthcare 
- Interoperability
- Patient self-service and digital therapeutics
- Remote patient monitoring

Hong Yu, MS, PhD, FACMI

Research focus:  
- Natural language processing

- Informatics
- Data science