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Welcome to the Division of Health Systems Science in the Department of Medicine

Health Systems Science (HSS) is the study of how health care is delivered by professionals and experienced by patients and families. HSS recognizes the critical importance of the context of care (teams, leaders, organizations) and the patient’s environment beyond the care setting (family, social networks, and community.) 


Our mission is to advance research, education, and practice in Health Systems Science. We are committed to improving population health, reducing costs of care, enhancing patient experience, and promoting provider wellness.

Our Guiding Principles and Goals are to:

  • Drive innovation in how health care is delivered and experienced locally and nationally.
  • Contribute to the educational mission of the Department of Medicine
  • Engage UMMH leaders and clinicians to partner with HSS Division faculty members in identifying and addressing high priority research questions.
  • Serve as the academic home for the Clinical Informatics Fellowship.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

The Division of Health Systems Science is committed to providing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment for our faculty and staff. We are staunchly opposed to discrimination and racism in all forms.

As a division, we seek to identify, recruit, and support faculty and staff from diverse and historically underrepresented backgrounds. We strive to provide a community that is welcoming to all, and that encourages learning, mutual respect, and collaboration. We seek to foster a dynamic environment where research, education, and clinical care flourish, and are informed by our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. The division actively participates in and supports other departments and community initiatives to foster an inclusive environment.  


  • Our research is closely aligned with and conducted within local clinical systems.

  • We are embedded in the Department of Medicine, a robust department whose mission prioritizes the delivery of innovative and high-quality patient care. 

  • Our physician-investigators are members of the UMMH clinical system. 

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  • We educate, train, and mentor clinicians.

  • Our faculty teach, train and mentor medical students, residents, and nursing students, as well as future researchers and leaders.

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Resources and Relationships:

Health Systems Science
365 Plantation Street, Biotech I, Suite 100
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: (508) 856-3523

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