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Medical Education

Health Systems Science (HSS) faculty play an important role in the education of undergraduate and graduate medical students at UMass Chan Medical School. This includes exposing students to contemporary issues in healthcare, and supporting them to gain the knowledge and skills required to navigate today’s rapidly changing healthcare system.

Below is an overview of some of our undergraduate and graduate medical education initiatives.


Health Policy and the Practice of Medicine Interstitial Curriculum 
This one-day event introduces third-year medical students to issues related to healthcare access, quality, and cost, at both a state and national level.  This event is sponsored in collaboration with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and the Center for Health Policy and Research.

Health Systems Science
Health Systems Science is the newest pillar of medical education at UMass Chan. Division faculty member Dr. Kimberly Fisher, chairs the HSS Curriculum Committee, which serves to oversee and manage the health systems science curricular elements across all years of the medical school curriculum.

Vista Curriculum
Health Systems Science faculty are involved in the development, leadership and teaching of the Principles 2: Foundations of Disease, Prevention, and Treatment block in the new UMass Chan Vista curriculum. Division faculty will also teach in courses across the curriculum. You can learn more about the Vista curriculum here:

CAPSTONE Scholarship and Discovery Course
This compulsory course provides medical students with support to build on an existing area of passion—or to identify and develop a new area of passion—following their completion of a mentored scholarly project in one of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine’s core competencies. Our faculty members serve as mentors.