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Current Fellows

Name: Daniyah Elagi
Hometown: Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Medical School: Jazan University Faculty of Medicine
Residency: Family Medicine
Fellowship: Geriatric Medicine 

My hobbies range from creative hobbies (DIY crafts and crafting) to active hobbies (bowling, walking, and hiking) and cognitive hobbies (reading and listening to music). I also enjoy cooking, video games, and watching documentaries.

Why did you choose UMass Chan for your fellowship?
The fellowship program provides a unique skill set that allows fellows to use a data-based approach to implement system-wide changes to improve healthcare delivery. The curriculum is solid and broad to provide exposure to all clinical informatics fields. The faculty are engaged and dedicated to ensuring optimum training experience. The Hospital at Home Program allows patients to be treated at home in a hospital-like environment for eligible conditions. The clinical informatics fellowship at UMass will equip me to be at the forefront of advances in biomedicine.

Name: Allen Chang
Hometown: Westborough, MA
Medical School: UMass Chan Medical School
Residency: Massachusetts General Hospital (Internal Medicine)

My hobbies include hiking, playing guitar, basketball, exercising, and spending time with family. 

Why did you choose UMass Chan for your fellowship?
I want an opportunity to improve the intersection of clinical care, clinician experience, and technology, with a specific focus on artificial intelligence and its applications. I'm excited to be part of the new Clinical Informatics program at UMass Chan and look forward to developing the skills needed to help shape AI implementation in direct patient-care settings.