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Clinical Informatics Section


The mission of the Clinical Informatics Section, is to provide a collaborative space for clinical informaticists and researchers to educate learners (UME and GME) regarding clinical informatics and to assist clinician researchers to access and benefit from data from UMass Memorial Health. 


Our current research includes a wide-range of informatics topics including telehealth, remote patient monitoring, hospital at home, natural language processing, improving suicide assessments in ambulatory care, statistical genetics, machine learning/artificial intelligence, wearable data, learning health systems, chronic disease management, maternal and child health. 

Clinical Care:

Although the Clinical Informatics Section in HSS does not provide direct patient care, many of its members are practicing clinicians who practice both at UMass Memorial Health and Reliant Medical Group. Specialties include general internal medicine, hospital medicine, emergency medicine and nursing.


  • The Section is the academic home for an ACGME accredited fellowship in Clinical Informatics
  • We teach clinical informatics topics to medical students, residents, and will also begin working with fellows in the near future.
  • We participate in interdisciplinary education with the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

UMass Chan Medical School has made it a priority to attract diverse candidates to all GME programs and Clinical Informatics will follow that lead for the fellowship. For each applicant or potential applicant, we will be mindful of how the candidate would impact the diversity of the program. In addition, UMass Chan and the Department of Medicine both have high visibility offices and resources devoted to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The UMass Chan Graduate Medical Education Committee Diversity Task Force has developed a template for holistic review of applications to enhance diversity.


Stephen Erban, MD, Chief, Section of Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics Section Faculty
Clinical Informatics Fellowship