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Onboarding Mentors

Many departments assign an Onboarding Mentor to a new faculty member. The goal is to provide new faculty with immediate guidance to the department and institution by matching each individual with a more experienced faculty member. The Onboarding Mentor will help new faculty quickly become oriented and connected so that they may thrive in their new academic home. The mentor is expected to:

  • orient the new faculty member to the department and institution
  • introduce the new faculty member to colleagues inside and outside the department at faculty meetings and other events
  • answer questions—“Where is it?” or “How do I . . .?”—or direct to appropriate resources 

For more information:

  • Download a description of the expectations and selection of Onboarding Mentors
  • Download a Onboarding Mentor Overview with advice for mentors

Selecting the Onboarding Mentor

The Chair (or Division Chief in larger departments) selects the Onboarding Mentor for each new faculty member. When considering the appropriate mentor for a new faculty member, Chairs and Division Chiefs might review the individual interests, family needs, and the opportunities for frequent interactions during the work day (for example, a more senior faculty member working in the same clinical location would be appropriate for a new clinician). Ideally, the Onboarding Mentor should also be:

  • a good communicator
  • an individual who has successfully navigated the system
  • familiar with departmental and institutional resources