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Purpose: The Faculty Council considers issues and matters of interest to the faculty and advises the Chancellor, the Provost, other senior administrators as appropriate, and the Executive Council on substantive matters.

Reports to: Provost and Chancellor

Governance & Bylaws

The Faculty Council is a Governing Body as defined in the UMW Governance Document. The description of the council, including duties and membership, can be found in the UMW Governance Document here.

The Faculty Council has developed bylaws for the purpose of establishing Chair, quorum and standard operating procedures. The bylaws are available here.


All faculty are welcome to attend the Faculty Council meetings, which are traditionally held on the first Thursday each month from 4-6pm on the Universtiy Campus in the Hiatt Auditorium (S1-608), unless otherwise noted.

Below is a list of the previous meetings, meeting minutes and related materials.