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Nominations Committee

Purpose: The Nominations Committee oversees the process in which faculty populate Standing Committees either elected or appointed.

Reports to: Executive Council

Term: 1 year

Governance & Bylaws

The Nominations Committee is a Standing Committee as defined in the UMW Governance Document. The description of the committee, including duties and membership, can be found in the UMW Governance Document here.

The Nominations Committee has developed bylaws for the purpose of establishing Chair, quorum and standard operating procedures. The bylaws are available here.

Current Members (2023-2024)


Ahn, Mary, MD – Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

3 Representatives of Executive Council:
Budnik, Vivian, PhD - Neurobiology
Moore Simas, Tiffany, MD, MPH, MEd - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rhein, Lawrence, MD, MPH - Pediatrics

4 Representatives of Faculty Council:
Sadasivam, Rajani, PhD - Population & Quantitative Health Sciences
Walker, Amy, PhD - Program in Molecular Medicine
Weaver, David, PhD - Neurobiology
Wessolossky, Mireya, MD - Medicine

Student Government Alliance Chair:
Abramo, Kristen
​​​​​​​Colwell, Lauren


Flotte, Terence, MD – Dean, SOM  
Lane, Mary Ellen, PhD – Dean, GSBS
Vitello, Joan, RN, PhD – Dean, GSN