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Library & Learning Resources Committee

Purpose: Advises the director of the Lamar Soutter Library with regard to the selection, purchase and placement of library assets including books, journals, online services and teaching resources. Assists in the development of policies regarding photocopying, library access and fees.

Reports to: Faculty and Executive Councils

Term: 3 years

Governance & Bylaws

The Library & Learning Resources Committee is a Standing Committee as defined in the UMW Governance Document. The description of the committee, including duties and membership, can be found in the UMW Governance Document here.

The Library & Learning Resources Committee has developed bylaws for the purpose of establishing Chair, quorum and standard operating procedures. The bylaws are available here.

Current Members (2024-2025)


Barton, Bruce, PhD – Quantitative Health Sciences

7 Faculty representing all schools (appointed by Nominations Committee):
Byrne, Alexandra, PhD - Neurobiology
Colubri, Andres, MFA, PhD - Microbiology & Physiological Systems
Daly, Brian, MD - Psychiatry
Feeney, Susan, DNP, FNP-BC - Graduate School of Nursing 
Ito, Kouta, MD, MS - Medicine
Sato, Tadatoshi, PhD - Medicine

3 Students (appointed by each school):

1 Resident (appointed by Associate Dean for GME):


Piorun, Mary, PhD – Director of Library Services
Wolf, Gregory – CIO, UMW  
Felice, Marianne - Worcester District Medical Society