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Appointment or Promotion to Professor in the Non-Tenure Track

(See APP, Sections 3.9a and 3.9.b)

Eligibility.  The rank of Professor is reserved for individuals who have exceptional achievement in one or more Areas of Distinction. Candidates for appointment or promotion to Professor should be leaders in their field of expertise, as demonstrated by a sustained and substantial record of accomplishments well beyond that required for the rank of Associate Professor. Appointment or promotion to Professor usually requires 12 years of professional experience beyond the time the candidate would have qualified for an initial appointment at the Assistant Professor rank. Candidates may be considered with less time in rank, provided that they meet the criteria below.

Candidates for appointment or promotion to Professor must devote a substantial proportion of effort (generally >10%) to UMass Chan Medical School Academic Activities and are one of the following:

  • Individuals with a terminal degree who must be board-certified or have equivalent qualifications as applicable to their professional and academic responsibilities.
  • Individuals without a terminal degree who have professional experience and achievements that meet the criteria for appointment or promotion to Professor.

Criteria.  Candidates for appointment or promotion to Professor in the Non-Tenure Track must demonstrate all of the following:

  • Senior level of achievement in an Area of Distinction;
  • Established level of achievement in at least one other category;
  • Entry level of achievement in at least one other category.

One category must be Education or the candidate must have at least entry level achievement in Education.