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Annual Performance Review

The Annual Performance Review (APR) is intended to promote the discussion of performance and future goals between a faculty member and their supervisor. The APR is required for all UMass Chan Medical School employed faculty at the UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial Health Care. The procedure for conducting the APR is described in the Academic Personnel Policy (APP, approved 12/8/2017) — see APP Section 5.5

The goal of the APR is to provide a retrospective evaluation and an agreement on shared goals for the future. The APR process is intended to benefit the faculty member and the department:

  • to document a faculty member’s activities and achievements
  • to provide feedback (both positive and for areas of improvement) on a faculty member’s performance in their assigned roles and on their progress toward academic promotion
  • to define the goals for a faculty member for the upcoming year
  • to define a plan for academic and professional development
  • to inform salary recommendations.

The APR Guide is designed to help faculty complete their APR and prepare for the discussion with their supervisor. Click on the links below and to the right for further guidance. Send questions or comments to faculty.affairs@umassmed.edu

Download the APR here.  Download the APR Guide here

Recording Your Activities

Guidance on the key points for recording your academic and professional activities.

go to APR Activities page

Setting Goals & Objectives

Guidance on setting your goals and objectives for the next academic year.

go to APR Goals page

Preparing for APR Meeting

Guidance on preparing for an APR meeting with your Chair or supervisor.

go to APR Meeting page