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Mentoring at UMass Chan Medical School

Mentoring is essential for a successful career in academic medicine. Mentors share their expertise in the clinic or laboratory, troubleshoot a problem, advise on a decision, and open doors to new opportunities. Successful faculty have mentors throughout their careers. A mentoring relationship can be formal or informal, shared or individual, short-term or life-long.

As a mentor, passing on knowledge, skills and behaviors to others is one of the true joys of academic life. You can be coach, counselor or sponsor, or combinations of these. But it is always a deeply rewarding experience that should be expected of all faculty in academic medicine.

The goal of the OFA is to enhance the culture of mentoring at UMass Chan Medical School—to ensure that all faculty have access to mentors, that mentors have the support to be effective, and that both have the resources to establish and sustain a mentoring relationship.