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Governance Document of The University Of Massachusetts Worcester

Article I: Definitions

Words and phrases shall be construed according to the common and approved usage of the language, but technical words and phrases and such others as have acquired a peculiar and appropriate meaning shall be construed and understood according to such meaning.  Words imparting the singular number may be extended and applied to several persons or things, and words imparting the plural number may include the singular.  As used in these policies and procedural standards, the following terms shall have the meaning herein given unless otherwise and expressly provided:

"Academic Activities" - those activities performed as a faculty member in one or more of the four (4) core missions of UMW:

i. Education Mission: activities such as the provision of formal lectures, seminars, student conferences or one-on-one teaching of students at various levels, development of new curricula and/or development of educational policies. 

ii. Research and Scholarly Activity Mission: activities such as the performance of investigator-initiated or collaborative research; publication(s) in peer-reviewed journals; invited presentations; publication of reviews, books and book chapters; gathering of data; funded grants and contracts; and the submission of grants.

iii. Health Care Delivery Mission: activities such as assisting in the delivery of high quality, state of the art health care in an appropriate setting, which is recognized as such by peers; expanding the horizons of clinical care by developing new diagnostic or therapeutic methods; establishing new clinical services.

iv. Service Mission: service and administrative duties within UMW, the University and/or the national/international community, such as: 

1) serving as member or officer of a UMW / University committee, advisory body, or in the administration of a UMW / University entity (e.g. cores, sections, programs, divisions, departments, schools);
2) serving as a member of a study section, editorial board, Federal/State/Local governmental advisory body or a professionally-related scientific or educational organization; and
3) volunteer service on local community boards, nonprofit agencies, and schools.

Faculty” - all individuals appointed as faculty members, including employed and voluntary members.

Faculty-at-large” - the employed (full and part-time) faculty of UMW as defined in the appropriate School’s Academic Personnel Policy.

Interim” - a temporary or provisional appointment resulting from a vacancy in a permanent position.

Acting” - a temporary or provisional appointment during which time the incumbent may be on a leave of absence or sabbatical.