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Student Trustee Election 2019-2020

The Student Trustee is our campus student representative to the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees (BOT). The Student Trustee serves as a BOT voting member (note: this changes year to year, in Academic Year 19-20, our student trustee will have a vote), providing student representation for our campus. In addition, the Student Trustee is a member of the all-schools Student Government Alliance (SGA) and is invited to participate in a number of campus-governing committees to provide student input. View the roles and responsibilities of the position here.

Eligibility Requirements: The Student Trustee must be a fulltime enrolled degree-seeking student (GSBS student candidates should be in their 2nd year or beyond).

Nomination and Election Guidelines:

  • The nomination process outlines how each candidate may make a statement about his/her goals and intentions if elected
  • The UMass email distribution lists may not be used to campaign
  • Curricular/classroom time may not be used to campaign
  • There should be no money spent to campaign

Applicants or nominators must provide brief answers to each of these items (up to 300 words allowed in each field):

  • Please list any prior service in leadership roles (at UMass and other)
  • Please identify any specific issues you would like to see addressed by this position in the coming year
  • Tell us about yourself, what you hope to accomplish as the Student Trustee and why you should be selected to serve

The timeline for the election is as follows:
April 1-11: Nominations submitted 
April 12-26: Voting open
April 29: Candidate is announced 
May 15: Chancellor submits selection to Board of Trustees
Month of July: Board Orientation, Swearing in at State House

Nominees: Please know your responses will be included on the election page and serve as your public platform to the UMMS student body. 

Questions? Contact the Student Government Alliance at

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Board of Trustees under G.L.c.75, the following shall constitute the minimally required criteria and procedures for the election of a student trustee by the undergraduate and graduate students of each campus of the University of Massachusetts… [Doc. T91-133B, as amended, Passed by the BOT 2/5/92]