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The Student Body Committee

The Student Body Committee (SBC) is the student representative government for the School of Medicine and functions as the liason between students, faculty and administration.

Responsibilities of the SBC include:

  • Allocating the Student Activities Fund that is collected as part of our tuition
  • Selecting students to represent our school on various school and hospital committees
  • Promoting a sense of unity between all students in the School of Medicine
  • Representing the interests of the School of Medicine on the Student Government Alliance between the 3 schools here at UMass

The SBC collaborates with many student groups and works with the administration throughout the year on several initiatives that aim to improve and enrich the experiences of students here at UMass Medical School. 

Student Body Committee Executive Board

Maimuna Ahmad | Co-President
Hans Erickson | Co-President
Becca Toohey | Secretary
Shray Amin| Treasurer
Tim Winn | Member at Large

SBC Email:


2019-2020 SBC Class Representatives

Class of 2020
Lauren Colwell, Hannah Duehren, Akshay Kapoor, Paul Rizzo, Kurt Schultz

Class of 2021
Ryan Barrette, Nolan Condron, Molly Griffin, Tammy Patel, Katherine Sadaniantz

Class of 2022
Maimuna Ahmad, Shray Amin, Hans Erickson, Becca Toohey, Tim Winn

Class of 2023
Liam Ben-Joseph, Emily Chin, Jason Freedman, Morgan Groover, Ahbinav Prasad

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