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Book Club

Book Club

  • The BaccMD Book of the Month Club was developed based on feedback from premed advisors and the BaccMD Program experience that reading speed and comprehension skills are key to both successful acceptance and performance in medical school. Reading speed and comprehension have become even more critically important skills, given the emphasis on reading and critical thinking in the "new" MCAT. The major goals of the Book of the Month Club are to help learners improve critical and comprehensive reading skills and to foster reading enjoyment by exposing learners to a broad spectrum of literary styles. Long term benefits from reading comprehension should be improved performance on standardized exams like the MCAT.
  • Book Club discussions will be held online using Adobe Connect (AC). AC is a web-based platform that allows for meetings and events to take place without physical boundaries.

BaccMD online book club using Adobe Connect.

 BaccMD Book Club Archive

April Book Read                                                   May Book Read
 Meeting 04/30/20 @ 6:00pm                          Meeting 05/29/20 @ 6:00pm           
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