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Intrigued by the intersection of business and science?

Would you like to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and apply it to research or patient care?

Thinking about a startup?

Interested in making the “business of medicine” better?

Consider pursuing a Master of Business Administration while you’re enrolled at UMMS.  Our new dual-degree MBA program, developed in conjunction with UMass Lowell, will allow students in the School of Medicine, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Graduate School of Nursing to complete an MBA while completing UMMS coursework and graduating on time.  UMass Lowell’s Manning School of Business offers MBA tracks in finance, managerial leadership, information technology and health care, taught by faculty like Denise Dunlap, PhD, an award-winning expert in entrepreneurship and innovation.  Dr. Dunlap’s research examines the importance of developing both incremental and breakthrough innovations in the global pharmaceutical industry and the different types of professional guilds that exist among scientists and managers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hear Dr. Dunlap talk about why an MBA can make a difference for life sciences graduates:

David Gilchrist, MD, MBA, assistant professor of family medicine & community health; and attending physician, Reliant Medical Group, talks about the value of an MBA for a practicing physician: