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Massachusetts Residency Classification

Both residents and nonresidents of Massachusetts are eligible to apply to the MD and MD/PhD programs at UMass Medical School.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School is a campus of the University of Massachusetts, a public institution of higher education. UMass Medical School is authorized and enabled pursuant to Mass. General Laws, Chapter 75, Section 34. UMass Medical School’s School of Medicine admits both in-state (Massachusetts) and out-of-state applicants. UMass Medical School charges different tuition costs depending on whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student. In this regard, Mass. General Laws, Chapter 75, Section 34A, states as follows:

“If tuition for the Medical School is set at a lower amount for residents of the Commonwealth, a resident shall be deemed to be a person who has resided in the Commonwealth for 7 consecutive years or more prior to enrollment or a person whose immediate family has resided in the Commonwealth for 7 consecutive years or more prior to enrollment.”

With respect to this statute, the term “immediate family” means an applicant’s parent, spouse, child or sibling; and the words “resident(s)” and “resided” mean domicile-a person’s true fixed permanent home or place of habitation, where he or she intends to remain permanently.

To comply with the legislative mandate of Section 34A, UMass Medical School is aided by “proof of residency” guidelines promulgated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Board of Higher Education. Each case of “proof of residency” shall be decided on its own merits on the basis of all facts submitted by the applicant with qualitative rather than quantitative emphasis. A number of factors are required for residency to determine the intention of the applicant to maintain permanent residence in Massachusetts. No single indicium is decisive. The burden of proof rests on the applicant seeking classification as a Massachusetts resident.