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Health Sciences Preparatory Program

This page will be updated when details regarding the next cycle of the HSPP are available. 

The Health Sciences Preparatory Program (HSPP) has two specific goals:

  1. Enhance student diversity in professional health sciences. 
  2. Enhance the educational preparedness of students for participation in health sciences programs.

This program contributes to these goals by providing a curriculum in which each student is taught principles that are foundational to professional health sciences programs in medicine, nursing or biomedical research. The HSPP comprises a year-long curriculum and training experience that combines instruction in the core academic subjects of biochemistry, physiology and epidemiology/ biostatistics together with courses focused on professional skills development. 

The result is a cadre of students who are well grounded in disciplines considered essential for competitive admission into and long-term success in professional health sciences programs. The HSPP is designed as a pre-matriculation program for enrollment in the Chan School of Medicine, but classes are also available to those interested in preparation for enrollment in the Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences or the Tan Chingfen Graduate School of Nursing. 

Criteria for eligibility, enrollment, and academic advancement 

Students gain access to the HSPP following an initial application to the T.H. Chan School of Medicine through the normal application process. The Chan School of Medicine will review each applicant using selection criteria outlined on our website.

The Chan School of Medicine admissions committee will select those students who fulfill requirements for consideration as disadvantaged or under-represented minorities and who, based on prior experience, would benefit from an additional year of study and preparation before reapplying to medical school. These students will be interviewed to determine fit for the program and upon successful interview will be offered admission to the HSPP. Selected HSPP applicants will be invited to visit the school and upon acceptance will be required to undergo a criminal background check prior to matriculation. 

Students undertaking the HSPP courses and practicum are not assured admission to the Chan School of Medicine upon completion but are strongly encouraged to reapply for admission. 

Academic advancement requires an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Enrollment period 

The HSPP follows the Chan School of Medicine academic year, typically early August - through May. HSPP courses are also open to any Chan School of Medicine, Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences or Tan Chinggen Graduate School of Nursing student. 


The HSPP curriculum takes place over the full academic year and consists of two aspects: Core and Professional Skills 

1. Core Curriculum 

1. HSP 500 Building Working Cells and Tissues - 5 credits
2. HSP 502 Medical Physiology & Histology  - 6 credits (equivalent to part of Chan School of Medicine “Development, Structure & Function”)
3. HSP 503 Epidemiology/Biostatistics - 3 credits 
For all courses, on average each hr of class time requires 2 hr of additional preparation time.

2. Professional Skills Curriculum  

1. HSP 504 Academic Achievement – 2 credits 
2. HSP 505 Clinical Medicine – 2 credits 
3. HSP 506 Clinical Immersion – 2 credits

The Health Sciences Preparatory Program is designed to be a “pathway” to admission to the health sciences programs at UMass Chan Medical School. Accordingly, the fees are competitive.

Fees are assessed in fall and spring and are projected to be $110 per credit. Full-time students (12 credits per semester) are assessed at $1,320 per semester.

Students must provide evidence of medical insurance while matriculated in the HSPP. Alternatively, students may purchase health coverage from UMass Chan Medical School at a total cost of $4,399.00 (health insurance = $3,702.00; health fee = $697.00).

Financial assistance is available through our Office of Financial Aid and can be reached via (508) 856-2265 or (877) 210-2238 or