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Academic Program Directors


Richard Glew, MD, Vice Chair for Undergraduate Medical Education

Office of Undergraduate Medical Education- Read More

Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education

Learning Communities- Read More

David Hatem, MD, Co-Director

Michael Ennis, MD, Co-Director

                Doctoring & Clinical Skills                       
                        Diane Blake, MD, Block Coordinator

                        Philip Fournier, MD, Block Coordinator


Building Working Cells and Tissues

Mary O’Brien, MD, Co-Director

Cancer Concepts

James Liebmann, MD, Co-Director

Janaki Moni, MD, Co-Director

Development Structure and Function

Anne Gilroy, MA, Interim Co-Director

Julie Jonassen, PhD, Co-Director

Joe Makris, MD, Co-Director

Host Defense and Blood

Leslie Berg, PhD, Co-Director

Robert Weinstein, MD, Co-Director

Integrated Case Exercises

Mike Fahey, MD, Co-Director

Christina Hernon, MD, Co-Director


Jennifer Daly, MD, Co-Director

Chris Sassetti,  PhD, Co-Director



Organ System Diseases - Read More

Sonia Chimienti, MD, Co-Director

Mark Madison, MD, Co-Director

Tom Smith, MD, Co-Director

Vijay Vanguri, MD, Co-Director

Naomi Botkin, MD, Cardiovascular Block Coordinator

David Clive, MD, Renal Block Coordinator

Nancy Liu, MD, MSK/ Dermatology Block Coordinator

Wahid Wassef, MD, GI Block Coordinator

Mark Wilson, MD, Respiratory Block Coordinator

Susan Zweizig, MD, Reproduction Block Coordinator

John McCullough, PhD, Director of Pharmacology

Seth Arum, MD, Endocrine Block Coordinator


Howard Sachs, MD, Co-Director

Foundations of Health & Disease

Vijay Vanguri, MD, Co-Director

Chris Marshall, MD, Co-Director


Medicine Clerkship

Mary Hawthorne, MD Clerkship Director

Flexible Clinical Experiences- Read More

Samir Malkani, MD

Electives in Medicine- Read More

Subinternship in Medicine

Majid Yazdani, MD, Subinternship Director