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A Message from UMass Med-Peds to Prospective Med-Peds Residents,

Applying to Med-Peds:
We would like to guide you through the application process.

Med-peds programs do not require sub-internships in both medicine and pediatrics; you should choose the sub-internship that will most benefit you as a learner.  Letters of recommendation that speak to you as a person and a clinician are what we are most interested in.  If possible, having letters representing your work in pediatrics and internal medicine or Med-Peds is recommended. We do not require Departmental/Chair letters.

Away rotations are never necessary, especially in Med-Peds. However, if you are interested in an away rotation, including at our Westborough Med-Peds Clinic, please contact us.

UMass Med-Peds Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging: Key Points and Resources
Updated Mission Statement
It is our goal as educators and trainees in the UMass Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency to provide culturally humble, quality care across a multitude of clinical settings. We are therefore committed to the ongoing process of creating a patient-centered and resident-driven training program where diverse identities are represented and appreciated. We believe this is necessary to ensure equity and quality in both our medical education and the care that we provide. To that end, our mission is to support a community of residents that is well-informed about the impacts of intersectional and diverse lived-experiences on ourselves and our patients.

A few points to emphasize

 DEIB at UMass

Who are we?
As a group we all share commitment to our mission and larger community, while maintaining individual and unique interests and identities. This program has immense flexibility and the priorities are extremely resident-driven

Continuing Education

Residency is a job but it is also an educational program! These are some examples of continuing education focused on DEIB, that includes medical students through senior faculty.

  • Partnership with DIO for Education
  • DIO staff give expert talks about DEI topics for trainees
  • Foundational Workshops are free, open-access, on-demand courses on unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, inclusive communication, equitable feedback and more
  • Pediatric Health Equity Corner: dedicated time in every morning report and quarterly grand rounds
  • Diversity Summit

 Resident Committees

  • Diversity Action Council (DAC)
  • Women in Medicine Group
  • Pediatrics Diversity Committee

Resident Scholarly Projects
There is a GME requirement for everyone to do a QI. Most MedPeds residents are formally involved in more than one, and have ideas for several more! These are the examples that focus on DEIB, SDoH, community-partnership or underrepresented groups

Internal Medicine

  • Suboptimal use of translated dot phrases for non-english speaking patients in the discharge paperwork
  • Implementing standards of care for adults with sickle cell disease


  • GIS mapping bronchiolitis in the Worcester area
  • Improving sickle cell care in the pediatric emergency department

Community Partnerships

  • Worcester Free Clinics
  • Refugee Asylum Clinics
  • Healthcare for the Homeless
  • Vaccination Clinics
  • Advocacy on the Hill
  • Chronic pain and opioid curriculum
  • Mentors for Young Mothers
  • Transportation for Patients
  • Worcester Pipeline Collaborative

Support for Residents

Advising and Mentorship


  • Opt-out for interns, opt-in for everyone else
  • Program coordinator schedules the interns
  • Anonymous and free
  • Programs in place for support

Flexible schedule - 7 + 8 required

We are extremely fulfilled working as Med-Peds physicians and believe Med-Peds is a wise career option, as the training allows one to work in diverse settings including primary care, global and public health, and subspecialty training.  Our graduates have pursued virtually all Med-Peds career options.  We are happy to advise you or connect you with a Med-Peds resident or attending physician whose interests align with yours. Please reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns. 

For your information, we've included links about:

There are also links to the ERAS and to the National Resident Matching Program. If you have additional questions about our program after you have reviewed this information, please feel free to contact us! 

Thank you and take care!


Your UMass Med-Peds leadership,

John Solomonides, MD, Program Director,
Susan Fine, MD, Assistant Program Director,
Naomi Christenson, Program Coordinator,

ontact Us
Naomi Christenson 
 Residency Coordinator 
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655 
(508) 856-7595