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Medical Grand Rounds Archives

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June 20 - Graduation Grand Rounds
June 13 - Grander Rounds: Physician Advocacy: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
June 6 - Grand Rounds: The Fungus Among The Last of Us: How a Perfect Storm is Driving an Epidemic of Fungal Infections
May 30 - Grand Rounds: Osteoarthritis, Treatment and Prospects for Disease Modification 2024
May 16 - Grand Rounds: Molecular Portraits of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Defining Clinical and Treatment Response Endo-Phenotypes, Towards Precision Medicine
May 9 - Grand Rounds: Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics: Great Strides and Future Directions
May 2 - Grand Rounds: Weighted Down by Stones - No recording allowed
April 25 - Grand Rounds: Osteoporosis Update for Clinicians 2024
April 18 - No Grand Rounds
April 11 - Special Grand Rounds: Black Women and Maternal Health Disparities: Addressing the Role of Racism
March 28 - Grand Rounds: Emerging Opportunities in Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Study of At-Risk Individuals Informs the Pathway to Prevention
March 21 - Grand Rounds: Robert W. Finberg Memorial Lecture, Structure Function and Evolutionary Relationships: Alphavirus Entry Receptors
March 7 - Grand Rounds: The Origin of Microbial Virulence
February 29 - Grand Rounds: Medical Malpractice Issues Related to Transparency, Disclosure, and Compensation
February 22 - No Grand Rounds
February 15 - Grand Rounds: Understanding Diabetic Kidney Disease
February 1 - Grand Rounds: Palliative Care Futurist: Matching Care to Our Patient's Needs
January 25 - Grand Rounds: Food Insecurity and Food is Medicine
January 18 - Grand Rounds: Metabolic Dysfunction Associated Liver Disease & Accelerated Aging
January 11 - Grand Rounds: Navigating the Substance Abuse Disorder System in Massachusetts: Referrals, Consults, and More
January 4 - Grand Rounds: From Polio to COVID-19: Learning from the Past


December 14 - Grand Rounds: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - A Rapidly Evolving Syndrome
December 7 - Grand Rounds: Hematology/Oncology M&M: A Case of Inadvertent Temodar Overdose - Recording Not Permissible
November 30 - Grand Rounds: What We Learn from Listening
November 16 - Grand Rounds: The Future of Primary Care: Can Lessons from the Past Help Guide Us Towards a More Sustainable Future?
November 9 - Grand Rounds: Maladaptive Immuno-Thrombotic Responses to Infection
November 2 - Grand Rounds: Mindfulness at UMass and Its Impact in the World - Forty-Four Years and Counting"
October 26 - Grand Rounds: Transitions of Care: Every System is Perfectly Designed to Get the Results That it Gets - Recording Not Permissible
October 19 - Grand Rounds: Redlining and its Effects on Health Disparities
October 12 - Grand Rounds: The UMass Cancer Center - The Past, Present & Future
October 5 - Grand Rounds: Has "Climate Change" Endangered the Physician Scientist? 
September 28 - Grander Rounds: Medical Malpractice and Support Systems for Faculty
September 21 - Grand Rounds: Automation, Emotion, and Behavioral Economics in Health and Health Care - Recording Not Available
September 14 - Grand Rounds: Climate Change Related Disasters and the Elderly
September 7 - Grand Rounds: Can Digital Health Save the American Healthcare System?
June 15 - Graduation Grand Rounds Ceremony - No Recording Available 
June 8 - Grander Rounds: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Best Practices 
June 1 - Grand Rounds: Communicating with Patients About Vaccination: What Works to Increase Uptake? 
May 25 - No Grand Rounds - Resident and Fellow Poster Day 
May 18 - Grand Rounds: Raising the Bar in the Management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Treating a Global Problem One Patient at a Time
May 11 - Grand Rounds: Malaria in Pregnancy: From a Fetal Point of View
May 4 - Grand Rounds: Things We Do for No Reason
April 27 - Grand Rounds: Lung Nodule Diagnosis and Surgical Treatments for Lung Cancer: Advances in Robotics - Recording Not Permissible
April 13 - Grand Rounds: Family Caregiver Burden and Distress in the Care of an Older Adult Living with Dementia - Recording Not Permissible
April 6 - Special Grand Rounds: Howe Lecture - The Dog Has Finally Caught the Car, Now What? Ethical Challenges of AI-Based Diagnoses of Malignancy
March 30 - Grand Rounds: Re-Defining Primary Aldosteronism - Recording Not Permissible 
March 23 - Grand Rounds: Finberg Lecture - Recording Not Permissible 
March 16 - Grand Rounds: Adverse Health and Healthcare Outcomes: Disparities at the Intersection of Race/Ethnicity and Disability
March 9 - Grand Rounds: How Curiosity and Design Principles can Bring Innovation to our Practice and Help Our Patients
March 2 - Grand Rounds: CAR T Cells in Rheumatic Disease
February 16 - Grand Rounds: Innate Immunity in NPSLE: The Pivotal Role of C1q
February 9 - Grand Rounds: Strategies to Address Patient Care and Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
February 2 - Grand Rounds: Opioids, Pain, and Addiction: Preventing Harm and Maximizing Benefits
January 26 - Grander Rounds: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
January 19 - Grand Rounds: A Medical Miracle: More Than Four Decades of HIV Care and Research
January 12 - Grand Rounds: Immunology of Long COVID
January 5 - Grand Rounds: 50 Years of Studying Aortic Valve Disease


December 15 - No Grand Rounds - Cancellation 
December 8 - Grand Rounds: Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Very Treatable Systemic Disease
December 1 - Grand Rounds: Technology, Tests, and Teamwork: How a 22-Year Collaboration Developed Cutting Edge Tests for TB and other Infectious Diseases
Not authorized for recording
November 17 - Grand Rounds: Morbidity and Mortality Conference - Rheumatology
Not authorized for recording
November 10 - Grand Rounds: Harnessing Wearable Data to Improve Viral Illness Detection
November 3 - Grand Rounds: Health Challenges and Opportunities for Adolescents: Perspectives from the Assistant Secretary for Health
October 27 - Grand Rounds: Morbidity and Mortality Conference - Cardiology
Not authorized for recording
October 20 - Grand Rounds: Rational Design of PF4 Antagonists for the Prevention and Treatment of Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
Not authorized for recording 
October 13 - Grand Rounds: Finding the Right Words for the Right Conversations
October 6 - Grand Rounds: We Have Met the Aging and They Are Us-Confessions of an Aging Geriatrician
September 29 - Grand Rounds: Immune Defenses and Offenses
September 22 - Grand Rounds: Computational Medicine for the Heart
September 15 - Grand Rounds: Rapid COVID-19 Development and the Future of Vaccinology
September 8 - Grand Rounds: Clinical Gene Therapy for Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff Diseases
June 23 - Grand Rounds: If You're Not at the Table, You Will be on the Menu
June 9 - Grand Rounds: Clinical Aspects of Sarcoidosis
June 2 - Grander Rounds: "Development for the Clinician Educator" 
May 19 - The Occupational Health Risks of Being a Firefighter
May 12 - Advances in Advanced Endoscopy: Yeah We Can Do That
May 5 - Clinical Challenges when Managing Syphilis
April 28 - The VISTA UME Curriculum 
April 14 - “Patient Priorities Care: Moving from disease-based to patient priorities-based decisions-making for older adults with multiple chronic conditions”
March 24 - "Personalizing Obesity Management. Time to Embrace the Pillars?"
March 17 - "Covid-19 and Health Disparities, A Closer Look"
March 10 - Osteoarthritis – Time for medicine to pay attention
March 7 - DoM Town Hall
March 3 - "New technologies for treatment of diabetes" 
February 24 - No Grand Rounds
February 17 - "Hospital at Home: Past, present and the UMMH experience in the context of national changes in care delivery for complex populations"
February 10 - "Human Parasitology: Helminths (Worms) and Protozoa"
February 3 - "Keeping Watch: Reducing embolic events in high risk patients with AFib"
January 27 - "Towards a digitally powered future in cardiovascular disease prevention"
January 20 - "Stepping up the care in Sickle Cell Disease"
January 13 - “The Critical Role of Understanding and Respecting Culture and Lived Experience of Racism in Palliative Care: Caring for our African American Patients and Their Families”
January 6 - "Digital Health: Moving Past the Hype Cycle"

Fall 2021

December 16 - “Caregiver: A Love Story – film screening and discussion”
December 9 - "Making sure the kids are alright: Hope and caution in pediatric Covid-19 vaccine deployment"
December 2 - "Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Genetic Disease of the Distal Airways"
November 25 - Thanksgiving Break
November 19 - “Diagnosis and Management of Clostridioides Difficile Infection” 
November 18 - “Cardiac Arrhythmias and Digital Health: Wearing Your Heart on Your Sleeve”
November 11 - No Grand Rounds
November 4 - "Mechanistic Insights to Define Next Steps in CAR T Cell Therapy" (no consent to record)
October 28 - “Saving Lives is all in our Hands!”
October 21 - “Host defense against mucosal candidiasis: From the bench to the bedside”
October 14 - “Managing Opioid Use Disorder” Session 2
October 7 - “A Multispecialty approach to a case of diagnostic dilemma” 
October 4 - "Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Transition in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus"
September 30 - “Hepatorenal Syndrome and AKI in Cirrhosis: The Road Ahead” 
September 23 -  “CVD in Women-There is So Much Work to Be Done”
September 16 - "Managing Opiate Use Disorder"
September 16 - "From large arteries to microvessels – a research journey with mitochondria”
September 13 - Cardiovascular toxicities of cancer therapeutics: windows into cardiovascular biology
September 9 -  "The Digital Transformation of Medicine: (Finally) A Time for Optimism"

*Consent to record not granted

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

Winter/Spring 2021

January 7 - “Mistrust in Health Care: A Social Determinant”
January 14 - "Cystic Fibrosis in 2021: A Lot Has Changed"
January 21 - "Making the Impossible Choice Possible: Ethics of Rationing Scarce Medical Resources During Crises"
January 28 - Psoriatic Arthritis: a Multi-disciplinary Disease
February 4 - The Doctor Will See You Now...24/x7. The Future With Remote Patient Monitoring
February 11 - Convalescent Plasma for SARS-CoV-2 and Early Prevention of COVID-19
February 25 - "Mitral Regurgitation: Evolving Concepts and Transcatheter Management" 
March 3 - “Hemophilia:  Advances in Management”
March 11 - “Tracheostomy Complications in the COVID era” 
March 18 - “The CLIAHUB – Student Volunteer Run COVID Testing”
March 25 - “Endocrinology and COVID-19”
April 1 - "Explaining Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Racism - Not Race - is the Root of Inequities
April 8 - “APOL1 – Associated Nephropathy: At The Bedside . . . Far Beyond The Bench” 
April 15 - "COVID-19 Beyond The Hospital: A Geriatrics Panel Discussion” 
April 29 - "Genomic Medicine for Obesity, NAFLD and Beyond" 
May 6 - "Epidemiology of Silence in Serious Illness Conversations"
May 13 - "A 37 Year Old Make with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, Schizoaffective Disorder and Acute Hypoxic Respiratory Failure"
May 20 - “Myositis 2021: Re-thinking ‘Polymyositis’ and Dermatomyositis” 
May 27 - “A Clinical and Laboratory Dilemma: Prolonged Shedding Virus Reinfection with SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) After Vaccination”
June 3 - "An Alternative to Breathing: The Future Management of Acute Respiratory Failure"
June 10 - Graduation
June 17 - Why We Teach
August 31 - "Picturing Vascular Health in Diabetes and Smoking"

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

Winter/Spring 2020

January 9 - Art and Science of Music Therapy in Medical Settings
January 16 - Gout: Myths, Controversies and Advances
January 23 - A Cascade of Events In An Older Adult Patient with Back Pain *
January 30 - Next Stop, The Virtual Medicine Zone
February 6 - My Patient with an ICD needs an MRI: Challenges and the Way Forward
February 13 - Worcester HIV Vaccine
February 27 - Positive Deviance: A Creative Approach to Improve Quality and Humanism in Healthcare
March 5 - Asymptomatic Valvular Heart Disease
March 12 - “COVID-19”
March 19 - "Preparing for Healthcare in the 2020's"
March 26 - "COVID-19 Issues and Updates"
April 2 - Town Hall Meeting
April 9 - Town Hall Meeting
April 16 - Town Hall Meeting
April 23 - Town Hall Meeting
April 30 - Town Hall Meeting
May 7 - Town Hall Meeting
May 14 - Town Hall Meeting
May 21 - Town Hall Meeting

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019

Fall 2018

October 11 - Moving Hearts: Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Mobile Health
October 18 Surveillance System and Data Linkage as Tools for Public Health Research
October 25 - To Screen or Not to Screen, That Is The Question
November 1 Updated Management of Hepatic Encephalopathy
November 8 Are Newer Insulins Always the Better Choice?
November 29* - Cerebral Malaria
December 13 - Liver Transplantation Update – Newer Indications

*due to technical difficulties, the 11/29 grand rounds is audio only.

Winter/Spring 2019

January 10 - At the Intersection of Chemical Biology, Genomics, and Infection
January 17 - How Open Notes Engages Patients: Lessons and Surprises
January 24 - Making Ethical Decisions in Hospital Practice: A Guide for the Perplexed
January 31 - Improving Serious Illness Care: The Evolution of a Health Plan’s Experience
February 7 - Modulating Metabolism in AKI: Evidence from Molecular to Man
February 14 - Development of Atrial Fibrillation Gene Therapy
February 28 - Sustaining Caregiving: Mindfulness and Other Initiatives for Clinicians
March 7 An Update in Autoimmune Liver Disease
March 21 Medical Jeopardy
March 28 Immunotherapies in Lymphoma - Updates on Immune Checkpoint Antibodies, Bispecific Antibodies, and CAR T cells
April 4 New Treatments for Genetic Diseases
April 11 Hearing Loss - When It's Not Presbycusis
April 25 Can We Predict and Prevent Pregnancy Complications in Patients with Lupus and Antiphospholipid Syndrome
May 2 - Pulmonary Infiltrates After Liver Transplant: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fungus
May 9 - Oligonucleotide Therapeutics: Future of Human Medicine
May 16 - Re-Designing Benedict Adult Primary Care - Transforming to Team Based Clinic
May 30 - Geriatric Cardiology: Redefining Approaches to Cardiovascular Care to Better Align With the Needs and Priorities of an Aging Population
June 6 - Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cells for Treating Cancer and Autoimmune Disease
June 13 - Lung Cancer: A Cure Within Reach?
June 20 -A ceremony honoring our graduating senior residents and our teaching faculty
June 27 - We Cannot Randomize Participants in Observational Studies. What Else Can We Do?