Administration, Communications and Mentorship Core

Our objective is to expand opportunities for UMass Medical School faculty and their collaborators to pursue programs of excellence in IDD-relevant research and research training.

IDDRC Leadership

Jean Frazier, M.D.

IDDRC Staff Support

Cynthia Kinahan
Cynthia Kinahan
Ellen Isley
Director of Communications

Key Core Functions

IDDRC Administration Communications Mentorship
  • UMass Medical School administration and departmental interface
  • Trans-IDDRC networking and sponsor relations
  • NICHD P30 grant management
  • IDDRC program information gathering and coordination
  • Information services to IDDRC membership
  • External representation via website and newsletter
  • Seminar sponsorship
  • IDD research mentorship for junior investigators
  • Internal peer review of IDD research proposals
  • New program development support

Contact Information


Telephone: Ellen Isley 774-455-4033