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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to advance the health and wellness of our diverse communities throughout Massachusetts and across the world by leading and innovating in education, research, health care delivery and public service.


To be a leading-edge medical school of the future by:

  • Embracing the full richness of diverse people, perspectives and experiences, and enabling all members of our academic community to thrive in a welcoming and inclusive environment;
  • Educating resilient, agile and culturally competent clinicians, scientists and educators who are optimally prepared to lead and succeed in their evolving professional environments of the future;
  • Designing a holistic approach to primary care that emphasizes population health and social determinants of health to transform the practice of medicine;
  • Promoting scientific inquiry and discovery to generate new knowledge, identify promising pathways, pursue novel targets, develop innovative diagnostics, and design effective interventions that bring hope and health to the human condition;
  • Building a model ecosystem for innovation that enables, accelerates and formalizes the process by which our cutting-edge discoveries are translated into commercially viable, life-saving products and therapies for the benefit of patients and populations.
  • Engaging thoughtfully and collaborating meaningfully with a diverse network of local and global partners to promote health equity and improve health outcomes; and
  • Harmonizing our interprofessional education, research, community engagement and public service strengths to respond to unmet needs and to broaden and deepen our social impact.