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Riccio Award Winners

2021 - Fall

Jillian Gallagher
Sialidosis: From Gene Editing to Gene Therapy
Mentor: Heather Gray-Edwards, PhD

Havisha Honwad
A novel PHOX/CD38/NAADP/TFEB axis important for macrophage activation during bacterial phagocytosis
Mentor: Javier Irazoqui, PhD

2021 - Spring

Mehmet Hakan Guney
MDA5 is the innate immune sensor of HIV-1 provirus transcripts in human myeloid cells
Mentor: Jeremy Luban, MD

Xue (Shirley) Li
Investigating the genetics of social behavior in wolf-dog hybrids
Mentor: Elinor Karlsson, PhD

2019 - Fall

Revati Darp
Investigating the role of tetraploid intermediates in melanoma progression.
Mentor: Craig Ceol, PhD

2018 - Fall

Heather Loring
SARM1 Mutagenesis Studies Reveal Key Residues Involved in Catalysis
Mentor: Paul Thompson, PhD

2018 - Spring

Elizabeth Allen
Discovery of a myotubularin phosphatase in autophagy
Mentor: Eric Baehrecke, PhD

Noah Cohen
Non-native Structure Present in the Unfolded Ensemble May Initiate Aggregation of ALS variants of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD1)
Mentor: C. Robert Matthews, PhD

Kyusik Kim
Cyclophilin A protects HIV-1 from restriction by human TRIM5α
Mentor: Jeremy Luban, MD

James Strassner
Validation and discovery of mechanisms that promote Vitiligo pathogenesis using single-cell RNA-sequencing of cells isolated from skin interstitial fluid.
Mentor: John Harris, MD, PhD

2017 - Fall

Anubhab Nandy
The Role of the NF-κB factor Relish and Immune Receptors in Autophagy
Mentor: Neal Silverman,PhD

Wen-Yu Hsiao
Selective loss of mTORC2 in subcutaneous adipocyte precursors causes partial lipoatrophy by impairing PPARÉ£ transcriptional activity
Mentor: David Guertin, PhD

Xin (Daniel) Gao
C-Berst: Defining Subnuclear Proteomic Landscapes at Genomic Elements with dCas9-APEX2
Mentor: Erik Sontheimer, PhD

Xinyang (David) Bing
Regulation of an endogenous retrovirus by a tRNA fragment
Mentor: Oliver Rando, MD, PhD